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This is just an ordinary blog about an ordinary person, someone who doesnt know what she wants to be when she grows up. Who changes her mind all the time. I am trying to find a balance in life. I am beginning once again on the road of life, this time armed with a 125cc Jinlun. A motorbike. Lets see where she takes me.

Friday, April 20, 2007

well its been about three weeks since my last post and wondering if anyone still reads this here is an update...

i have now joined the adult world and turned 21 on the 15th of april, though it really wasnt what i was hping for. a good time may have been nice. i went home for the weekned and a friend came all the way from london to see me and the whole weekend was dissapointing. pity. ah well.

am eating badly agin though i did have my first lesson yesterday. since i am riding morgans that were show horse the least i can do is learn the way that they are used to. and next lesson is tomorrow. thats good soo lorraine and i can ride together (she is being taught to ride where as i already know)

anyway soon to be very busy again with show season and longer days due to riding so hopefully some weight will shift and i will get my groove back.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

thought i would write again quickly while i wait for one of the guys to get back so that i can put on the dinner.

i am feeling so good about things and am constantly moving all day and dont really have any snacks during the day. i eat a good breakfast and a good lucnh and dinner and i dont even seem to get hungry anymore.

what a differnce being happy makes. and weirdly i wasnt this happy when i started but i talked my self to this place and i take joy in everyday!! the sun, the work, the people. if i could bottle this feeling and sell it then i would make millions ;)

though i do need to eat more fruit and veg. i still have some raisins and oranges left so will munch on those till monday. and this time i will eat the fruit i buy in town before it starts going off.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

i bought a pair of size 14 jeans the other day. and they fir me. and my very tight 16s are beginning to slip down all the time.

last night i went for a run with Lorrainkie which is one of the girls i live with.

there is also a rather yummy guy too. though i blatently dont think im his type. still he is yummy.

been eating well. no pigging out since there really isnt anytime. just need to get working harder and excersing more and will be sorted. :D

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

i have seven minutes till i have to lock the office and do night check so i will write what i can. I am currently very ill. flu or something. damn i had gone the whole winterwith just the one cold. bugger. ah well the fresh air helps. tis better thatn being in a office.

the days here are very long. up at seven and we only finish work at 3:30 at the earliest.
i have yet to ride beacuse the horsy i like is still lame from being geleded.
i work with one gelding and 2 stallions. ones a breeding stallion and the other is a show horse. he and i are still trying to come to terms with the fatc that i am supposed to be the boss.

i couldnt bring myscale. no room. but there is one here and it says i am 85kilos. so thats down from the 90. but i allow for fluctuatiosn in the scales. though i look smaller in the mirror. eating hasnt been in check or anything but it hasnt been out there either. we all eat dinner togetehr and take tunrs in cooking. lunch and breakie we sort our selves out. have been taking great joy in 'feeding myself' lol.

so it is fun. i have been tired. and now i am sick. we get to use the office internet after work but genrally have to wait till after dinner by when im knakered. we have monday off.

will post sooner that i have been.

have done no excersise wxcept owrk because i fell last friday and damaged my ankle. motion is fine. the sacry swollen bruising is worrying. ah well
night check. cheers all

Thursday, March 08, 2007

well i finihed up at work yesterday. i was ment to end on friday but my boss decided that since neither she nor the guy we PA to will be there from today i may as well finish. which was nice but also weird. was not mentally prepared to go but meh. as is. i got a card, cash and some earings. having a leaving night pub crawl thing on fri. lots of alcohol woop woop.

I really must drag myself out for some excercise. i may do a bike ride to the train station that i near my house. nay a run even since its only about 2miles away. and then another sort of on sat? depends on the hang over. and def one on mon morning because of being cooped up on a train for most of the day.

many other stuffies to do like shopping foe toiletries, socks, sports bras for working in and shirts. all pretty yawnfestive but gotta be done.

i am glad the eating is back to 'normal' tis not great yet but i really am looking forward to fending for me and only me. makes a huge difference in terms of control and will power and just for some reason seems to work for me

really i should be feeling nervous about the whole thing. but im not. off for a run... right now infact :D

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

ok weirdness. that blog did not post. though i thought it looked funny when i opened up the apge and the posting/setting tabs were in the actual post content box. ay well it wasnt a long post anyway

just wanted to say that my new riding gear arrived and i am not the largest size in jodpers. also that i will have access to the good ol internet and will endeavour to post regularly. oh and the scale has started creaping down againa dna i am back at 13.13 woop woop.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Well this is it folks.

I move to Hereford. Bravest thing i have done in a while TBH. the eatign seems to be back in a semblance of control. im just not evry hungry. I am also drinking a lot of water agin. though have now done no excersise in a while. *gulp* me thinks i will be fairly still for new job. Must go for a few runs before i go. probably tonight (maybe) wed, friday morning as i have a late night on Friday due to leaving do with ppl from work, and sunday so that ia m not totally stiff on the train.

i think i must run tonight cause i am at the point when sitting actually hurts me. :(
am feeling majorly homesick toaty and surprisingly i am not eating everything i can get my hands on. progress i think.

I hope the new job is as busy and physical as i think it will be. as that will get me off the habit of sitting on my arse eating things. and moving all day.
i am taking my bike and my running gear down with me. though this will make changing trains (which has to be done twice) very difficult. ah well. it gives me a semblance of freedom and travel ability.

i think i am looking forward to it although today i feel very down and homesick.

the wieght seems to be staying the same still which means i am continuing to maintain. also a good thing. i will be taking my scale down with me and will establish a weighday instead of jumping on it randomly.

night all

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